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Total Vending Repair specializes in full line vending machine repair of all major makes and models of vending machines. Servicing the Denver Metro Area including Denver, Aurora, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and everywhere else in between.
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**Service calls a done first call first serve and dated as they come in.
If a return call is needed due to parts being needed or repairs to specific component, these calls are put into first place.
For your convenience listed below is the list where your call comes into place on my list as well as comments and updates so you are always in the know. This list updates in real time as service calls are done or added to the list. **
**Now Mobile Friendly**

Color Code key

Orange Text = Compressor in Shop for Repair
Purple text = Coin Mech or Bill Validator in shop for repair
Red text = Parts have been received and return service call scheduled
Blue text = Parts have been ordered to finish your repairs
Yellow text = Parts are needed to finish your repairs but have not been ordered yet
Black Text = Your service call is next in line to complete After Red text service calls are completed
Green Highlighted text = On my way to your service call now
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LED Lights for all vending applications
Save money, Save time, Save Energy!
-Up to 65% energy savings compared to fluorescent lamps.
-Lasts over 50,000 hours:  service replacement costs virtually eliminated.
-Patented rotating end caps for targeted illumination, no more wasted light!
-Higher color rendering and brighter illumination attracts more customers and increases sales.
-ETL-Listed, RoHS and FCC Compliant; Mercury Free and 100% Recyclable
-5-Year Limited Warranty
Accept Credit/Debit Cards and all types of Mobile Payments
On the all new Fast Verizon LTE Network!! 
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FDA Labeling Guidelines
Effective Dec.1,2016

            The rule requires vending machine operators who own or operate 20 or more vending machines to declare calories for those items for which the Nutrition Fact label cannot be examined before purchase or for which visible nutrition information is not otherwise provided at the point of purchase (see section 403(q)(5)(H)(viii) of the FD&C Act)

Key Points for operators:
The intent of the FDA regulation is to provide consumers with the caloric disclosure on or around the machine prior to making the vend purchase, for ALL products being sold.
The caloric disclosure MUST include the “total calories” being vended. This is different than “calories per serving” because certain consumer product companies label their products as “multiple servings” in the vend package thus misleading the consumer with the total calories in the vend package.
The caloric disclosure should be readily visible by the consumer while at the machine so that the consumer can see the information, the product in the machine, the price and the product selection - all at the same time.
The FDA is flexible on how the caloric disclosure is executed as long as the consumer can readily see the caloric information/product/price. Acceptable forms include:
On the Product itself – front or back of pack. Should the vend coil block the caloric information, the vend operator is not in compliance.
An electronic or digital display
Labels or stickers
Forms of disclosure that do NOT meet the FDA requirements include caloric information on a mobile app or information on the side of a vending machine which is not accessible to the consumer.
Vending companies are responsible for caloric disclosure – not the consumer product companies
Vending Industry Compliance Dates

The compliance dates for ALL vending machines (including both glass-front and non-glass-front machines) is DECEMBER 2016.

There is one (1) exception to this compliance date for Glass-front Machines, if and only if the vending company displays the caloric disclosure, from either front or back of pack, on all products in their vending machines, but the “font size” on the product does not meet the FDA requirements. This compliance has been extended to April of 2018 only for those glass-front machines that meet these requirements.

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